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Outsourcing Inbound Marketing for Rapid Sales Growth

Marketing managers and CMOs have tough jobs. They not only have to manage their organization’s brand, balancing the overall marketing strategy with their company’s goals, support sales and identify opportunities but they also have to objectively sift through the mountains of data to identify and stratify if all their efforts are effective. Enter the modern […]

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Inbound Marketing Is Mission Critical to Your Business’s Sales Growth

Inbound marketing no longer applies to only hip retail stores, restaurants and tech companies. Inbound marketing applies to ANY company that wants to grow sales. What exactly is inbound marketing? These are tactics to “pull” your audience vs. “pushing” your brand, product or service outward. This includes SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media management), […]

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Lean Marketing

Employ Lean Marketing Tactics to Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Lean Marketing is to sales and marketing what continuous improvement is to manufacturing. Agility and responsiveness separate effective marketing from the status quo. Startup mode is the mindset. Using digital marketing channels for customer and prospect engagement is becoming the new norm. Consistent measurement using web analytics tools like Google Analytics is key. The goal […]

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7 Ways to Get Your Website Into Shape for 2019

If your company’s website isn’t getting the traffic you expected – and need – we’ve got a seven-point plan for shaping up the website in 2019. If you don’t have a good website designer on-staff, X-Factor stands ready to help you with the following cyber resolutions. Simplify Content When’s the last time you read every word […]

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