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Helping Non-Profit Organizations Promote Their Mission and Increase Awareness

Advertising and Marketing for Non-Profit Companies

Non-profit organizations face unique marketing challenges in a competitive marketplace. To be successful in generating support for your mission, they need to focus on engaging supporters and building brand loyalty from the grassroots level.

Essentially, non-profits need to focus on selling their mission rather than promoting a specific product or service. X-Factor’s non-profit marketing division is committed to driving your non-profit’s mission online. We are active in our community and work hard to help non-profits succeed at every level of their campaign. To show our commitment to helping non-profits succeed, we offer a 20% discount on services.

We understand that developing successful advertising for non-profit companies starts with stakeholders such as members, beneficiaries and donors, and we can help your non-profit create a brand strategy that appeals to supporters on an emotional level.

We’ll design a digital marketing campaign that will nurture leads at the volunteer level all the way up to benefactor.

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Our Marketing Services for Non-profit Companies Include:

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Advertising and Marketing for Non-Profit Companies

A Few of the Non-profit Agencies We’ve Partnered with Include:

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