Content Marketing

Educate Your Audience While Improving Organic Search Rankings

Website Content

A beautiful and functional website attracts an audience. Meaningful content, written in easily understood language, engages prospects and improves time-on-site. Clearly stating product benefits and persuasive messaging will improve lead quality.

We will provide the website content that will set your site apart from the competition in ways that really matter.  Elevate your website with professional, search optimized content that is:

  • Clever, creative content that truly sells the features and benefits of your business
  • Search engine optimized for higher rankings
  • Written to clearly differentiate your brand and drive conversions



Press Release Content and Distribution

Our professional press release writing service announces new developments at your company and heightens your corporate image. Optimized press releases stand out in online searches and provide your company the powerful combination of message control, distribution and top-of-mind awareness within your target markets.  Press releases composed by X-Factor are:

  • Optimized for search engines
  • Sent to customized media lists to reach targeted journalists
  • Distributed online and to print media outlets including trade magazines
  • Added to company news page
  • Announced across social media platforms


Blog Writing

Blogs are a practical way to keep your website dynamic and your audience informed and educated.  A quality blog is:

  • Relevant to the browser
  • Search engine optimized to attract additional traffic
  • Updated routinely to keep the website current
  • Professionally written to target your audience with informative content
  • Leveraged through social media platforms

Blogs provide a website with dynamic, changing content that increases organic search success.  The most effective blogs are customized for your business, and feature, at minimum, monthly posts. Promotion and distribution through your website and social media accounts transforms your blog into a giant net to catch prospective clients. Blogs help build search traffic while communicating credibility and unique expertise.


Article Writing

Full-length, optimized editorial articles tell the holistic story of your brand. Our editorial article writing and distribution services are convenient. Your involvement requires only a brief interview and review of the final product. In return, you receive:

  • Expert status that comes with being published
  • Exposure in print media including trade magazines
  • Higher search engine rankings when posted online
  • Increased online visibility
  • More inbound links (a huge component in SEO)



Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to convey your services and problem-solving abilities from the customer’s point of view, providing:

  • The power of a testimonial with the detail of an article
  • The chance to connect your methods or product with results in the mind of your prospects
  • Real-world solutions for clients
  • Higher search engine rankings when posted online
  • Credibility


Increase visibility and reach through professional creation and distribution of search optimized blogs, press releases, case studies and full-length articles. Contact us today to enhance your content marketing strategy.

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