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Facebook: Building Your Business With A Little Help From Your “Friends”

Every time you recommend the best Mexican food restaurant or your dentist or the book you just read, you are involved in what advertisers are now referring to as “social marketing.” In the old days, it was called word-of-mouth advertising. Friends recommending businesses they like to their friends, who tell their friends, is the oldest and strongest marketing method ever used. The kind of advertising you can’t buy.

Now, if you could duplicate this on a global scale where millions of friends tell all their friends, and those friends tell their friends, etc., you begin to realize what all the Facebook hype is about. Put your business on Facebook where 1 in 9 people on earth interact for an average of 15 hours and 33 minutes a month, and you have the most powerful form of direct marketing available. (As of this posting, there are 162,937,740 people in the United States alone on Facebook.)

It’s easy to set up a custom Facebook page for your business. Once this is done, you invite as many people and other businesses as you know to your page. Now marketing your business through Facebook is as easy as one click of the mouse. The magic key is the “Like” button. Once you invite people to your page, they, in turn, can invite their friends to “Like” your page and then those friends can invite others to “Like” your page, and the snowball gets bigger.

When you click “Like” on someone else’s page, every one of your “Friends” gets an instant notice via their computer or mobile device that you “Like” something. (By the way, over 250 million people access Facebook on their mobile devices.) When it shows up on their Facebook page, all their friends see your business name, and if they choose to investigate what you liked, and they in turn like it, then all their friends get notices and, well, you know where this is going. Guess what? The same thing happens when they “Like” something you’ve posted on your business page.

Interaction with your friends becomes key at this point. Great ways to get those “Likes”:

  • Offer free stuff and/or exclusive discounts
  • Run contests or sweepstakes
  • Post multiple-choice surveys
  • Post articles or links of interest to your customers
  • Post photos or videos of your newest products

The important thing to remember is consistency in inviting your friend base to “Like” your business page. One way to encourage this is to put the Facebook “Like” icon on everything your customer sees, hears or touches – including ads, emails, brochures, sales sheets, envelope stuffers, etc.

Just think of Facebook as one VERY BIG party your business has been invited to and start making as many new “Friends” as you can.  By the way, check out the most recent Facebook page X-Factor created for Southern Glove. We think you’ll really “Like” it!


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