Commonly Asked Questions About Internet Marketing

Why do I need an inbound marketing strategy?

Developing an inbound marketing strategy is important because cohesive messaging that meets the market where it’s looking will build sales. A website should be selling non-stop for your company. Inbound marketing results should be measured and evaluated monthly, with strategies refined as needed to yield better marketing ROI.

Why is it important to refine my messaging strategy?

Today, the power to quickly research and compare pricing, quality of products and value of services is in the buyer’s hands. To succeed, an organization must clearly and uniquely define itself to win sales. Consistency also reinforces trust and credibility and requires less of a marketing spend over time. Short attention spans add another layer of complexity to the equation!

What is a customer persona?

This is your ideal customer. The people that you most want to attract and convert into customers through your website. The visuals and messages should speak to them on an emotional level to move them along the buying cycle and towards a purchase.

How frequently should my website be redesigned?

Due to changes in search engine algorithms, web coding, customer preferences and design trends, a website should be redesigned every 3-4 years. If your present website is slow, or not mobile-friendly, you will instantly lose visitors and potential customers, and Google will penalize the website on its search engine with lower placement.

What is a website sales journey?

A website should be optimized for every stage of the online buying cycle. This guides the prospect to what you want them to accomplish. It’s important to help the customer arrive at the solution they need quickly on your website.

Why is site architecture important?

Since web visits are growing increasingly shorter, it’s imperative to route visitors quickly to information they find useful. Longer term engagement on a site is key to a prospect’s conversion into a lead. Poor web navigation creates confusion and a negative user experience.

How important is Google Pay Per Click?

Google presently covers 66% of the overall search market in the U.S. We have found for some clients it’s the most important selling tactic and for others it’s primarily a branding exercise. It typically takes three months for us to discern via Google Analytics and sales results if it’s suited to your goals.  We also encourage our clients to use Bing ads, which covers Bing, Yahoo! and AOL, covering the rest of the search market.

How important is Bing/Yahoo Pay Per Click?

Advertising on Bing means that your ads will display on Bing, Yahoo and AOL search engines, representing approximately 33% of the search market. There is less advertiser competition and cheaper cost-per-click rates, and although not as popular as Google, there are over 140 million monthly users searching on Bing, making it a strong option for online advertising.

How frequently should I review Google Analytics?

Every three months. Regular adjustments to the inbound campaign should be made on findings. This is a service we provide to our clients.

Is ranking on page one of Google important?

Extremely. Think of how often you go past page 2 of a search. Most people believe that their websites are search engine optimized (SEO), however if the website is not ranking high for your products and services, it is either out-of-date or has not been implemented correctly. We can analyze your website and show you how it can be improved for greater results.

How much does X-Factor charge?

Each project we embark on is unique. Once we understand your goals, market position, customers and competitive landscape, we can recommend either a full inbound budget, or a singular project budget depending on your needs and budget considerations. We take pride in offering great results at a great value!