Our focus is always on streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency and producing better results.

The Right Chemistry to Formulate Excellent Inbound Marketing Results

Plug X-Factor’s inbound marketing services in wherever you would realize the most benefit. Each company that entrusts us with their messaging and lead generation strategy is unique, with varied “pain points” that need healing.

Our process includes:


Understand your organization, competition, target market and goals. Review existing marketing tools.


Craft differentiated messaging that offers a compelling story to shape your brand and engage your targeted prospects. The results are better leads and more web conversions.


Study analytics data to uncover what’s effective, and what’s not, in present marketing efforts.


Recommend inbound marketing tactics to satisfy corporate goals.


Establish a budget that works within corporate financial and marketing goals.


Develop a cohesive inbound branding strategy that builds trust and compels the target market to take action.


Put new inbound marketing strategies into action.


Management and measurement of inbound marketing programs including social media platforms, pay per click advertising, corporate website, and email campaigns.


We can consult, help with short-term projects, or create and execute long-term inbound marketing campaigns. Contact us today for a free quote.

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