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Is your Business “YouTubing”?

It’s hard to believe that the video sharing Web site YouTube is over three years old. It’s also hard to believe that the general public still thinks the largest video sharing Web site is just videos of kids doing crazy skateboard stunts or clips from movies. YouTube has become a popular landing spot for videos from the business world as well. Everything from instructional videos to equipment demonstrations can now be found on YouTube.

Quantcast, an Internet rating service, estimates that YouTube has more than 60 million unique viewers per month. In January 2008 alone, YouTube had more than 27 million business-related searches.

Savvy businesses are using YouTube as a tool for search engine optimization (SEO) by linking the videos to their Web site. This Web site marketing strategy integrates videos directly into regular Google organic search results. If a business posts a video that ranks well in YouTube, chances are the video will be injected into Google’s regular organic search results.

Online video can be an essential part of a company’s Web site marketing strategy. By using SEO copywriting, keywords can be added during video encoding, as well as the initial video creation. A SEO copywriter’s description of the video is key, and not necessarily the brand or all the keywords found in a company’s Web site. Success in online media hinges on “storytelling” and online video is a perfect forum for doing so.

Online video can be one of the most effective tools in a Web site optimization strategy, yet few companies are doing it. Implementing this tool will keep a company’s Internet marketing plan diversified and ahead of the competition.

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