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Mobile Websites Have Mass Appeal

With mobile Internet leading the future of the Web, most businesses are trying to grasp a new marketing direction. In March 2011, a full 80 percent of smart phone users accessed the Internet via their phones.

A mobile website is the ideal way to showcase your business to customers who are accessing your information via their phones. If creating a second website just for mobile users is not in your budget at the moment, consider starting out with a mobile landing page.

A mobile landing page takes your most important information – such as contact info, business hours and directions to your location – and puts it all on one page easily accessible to your viewers. Designed for smaller mobile screens, the page is easy to navigate with one finger, and it allows features such as click-to-call and map applications. For users who require more information, mobile landing pages also provide a direct link to your main website.

Major search engines index mobile websites providing the opportunity to use additional keyphrases. Competition for search in mobile websites is reduced due to the fact that there are fewer mobile websites than traditional ones.

Don’t wait to get on the mobile Internet bandwagon. A new mobile website design or landing page is a great, cost-effective way to start attracting more of those customers who want to contact you while they’re on the go!


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