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Pinterest – Social Pinning That Is Also Creative Marketing!

The newest craze to sweep the Internet and create a social media frenzy is Pinterest. This website has quickly become one of the most visited and shared sites on the Web and a hot ticket for invites to join this members-only social club.

The basic premise of Pinterest is that members are able to create “boards” for anything and everything from home improvement and cooking to travel and gifts with photos and videos that can be “repinned” or “liked” and followed among other members and friends. Gone are the days of clipping and bookmarking photos and ideas of things you like and emailing links to friends. Now one can “pin” these ideas on a virtual bulletin board or “virtual binder” in a variety of categories for an inner circle or the whole world to see and share.

Pinterest is a great way for companies that offer lifestyle products and services to interact with their customers for free and self-promote themselves using virtual boards.  “Products I Love” is the third most created board on Pinterest, and millions of users are showing their friends and followers exactly what they like.

Pinterest has become the third-largest social media website next to Facebook and Twitter. It has surpassed LinkedIn and is the fastest-growing website in the history of the Internet. With over 12 million U.S. users and a 68% female demographic (via comScore) this female audience holds more than half of the household buying power and is driving referral traffic to company websites and blogs off the marketing charts. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising, and Pinterest is spreading the word faster than ever, so now is the time to jump onboard!

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