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Text is King!

We have all heard, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In advertising, it’s what everyone lives by. There is an “old” kid back on the block that’s ready to rule the neighborhood again however: Written word. Somewhere, Shakespeare must be smiling.

At the beginning of this decade a program called Flash came out and allowed designers to do wondrous things like animation of buttons, scrolling messages, etc. Everyone had to have a “Flash” site to have the most visually interesting presentation. While these websites looked great, they were in a fixed picture format with embedded text, meaning the search engines couldn’t read them. This in turn means that the site won’t rank worth a darn on a search engine like Google.

I am shocked when someone like a land developer who depends on national inquiries through random search builds a Flash website. If it can’t be searched, they are dependent on marketing the URL through traditional means like national radio and television advertising. Very expensive!

Words trumped photos the minute search engines built their model on scanning html website text for relevance. The more quality written content on your site the better it is for your searchability. Whether it’s a FAQ, blog, technical paper, case study or news release, one word may now be worth a thousand pictures!

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