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The Year of the Frozen Budget

You’ve probably been to a Chinese restaurant and seen menus with illustrations of animals representing the Chinese New Year – dragons, tigers, rats, etc. 2009 is the Year of the Ox. Unfortunately, the Ox is not strong enough to pull us out of the economic quagmire we seem to be trapped in.

2009 could also be considered the year of the “frozen budget.” Firms that previously thought they had money to spend on promotions this year, for one reason or another, now don’t. These tough economic times call for accountability and Return On Investment. Senior management wants assurance that slim budgets can be stretched, and dollars spent will relate directly to lead generation.

Many of our clients are swapping the old branding model that has been around since the 1950s, i.e. “Throw enough money at mass media so your consistent messaging will be seen by the audience,” for more targeted efforts. Specifically, they are meeting the market where the market is shopping for services- Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Branding is for awareness, while response marketing and Search Engine Optimization are for lead generation. The difference is vast!

Here are some reasons search marketing is ideal.

• Affordability. Search marketing is more targeted and less expensive than multi-media branding efforts.
• Accountability of measured results and conversions to provide senior management.
• The Internet is how purchasing agents and everyone else researches products and services.
• Random search provides a far better Return On Investment than traditional advertising.
• The Internet offers the opportunity to publicize your products to the world.

Target your efforts and generate real leads for Return on Investment with search marketing today.

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