Website Maintenance

X-Factor Makes Maintaining Your Website a Simple, Hassle-Free Process

Website Maintenance Services at an Affordable Rate, to Be Used as Needed.

The process is simple – you will be partnered with an Account Manager who will stay in contact with you on a regular basis and provide personal, customized service.  In addition to making your requested web changes, we also offer proactive advice to enhance site speed, introduce new products and maximize lead generation.

Just email your website changes and requests to us, and your website will be updated, reviewed, and then made live upon your approval.

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Just a Few of Our Web Maintenance Clients:

Website Maintenance Services:

  • Changes to text, photos and on-site SEO
  • Addition of Google Analytics
  • Page additions/deletions
  • Navigation changes
  • Suggested, proactive changes to the site
  • Inspection for broken links
  • Security updates including WordPress applications and plugins
  • Addition of infographics
  • Regular downloaded backups of the website
  • Video addition/deletion
  • Social media integration
  • Uploading of product sheets, brochures or other PDFs
  • Monthly prompts by phone and/or email for changes

Website Maintenance Benefits:

  • The benefits of a full-time webmaster without the cost of a full-time employee
  • Websites with regularly updated content rank higher in Google searches
  • Regular communication with one of our inbound marketing experts who is familiar with your company and website goals
  • Fast, efficient changes when you need them
  • Proactive marketing ideas for the website to help improve the user experience
  • Monthly specials, new products and services keep returning visitors engaged
  • Quality assurance that helps prevent broken links or other potential negative user experiences

X-Factor’s Website Maintenance Program provides the benefits of a full-time webmaster without the expense of hiring a full-time employee.
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