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Welcome to X-Factor Web Marketing

Gotham Strategic Marketing made a quantum leap forward this spring with the introduction of X-Factor Web Marketing. Many of our clients understood immediately the value of adding this innovative service that blends public relations and search engine optimization to their marketing mix.


The Internet has changed our lives, so much in fact, that this period in time will be known as the Internet Age by future generations. Much like the Industrial Age changed the face of our nation, the Internet Age has turned many of our preconceptions inside-out in less than 15 years!


One area that’s changing rapidly is marketing/advertising. Companies have shifted away from thinking of a Website as a “necessary evil” and begun to view it as the core of their marketing program. Today, most everyone shops a Website to assess fit and credibility before engaging in a personal conversation with a representative. Reflect on your last new car purchasing experience. Did you just show up on the lot? Or did you build the car, accessorize it and get an idea of price prior to visiting a showroom?


The Pew Internet and American Life Project reveals two astounding facts: 79 percent of Internet users are confident that they will make the correct purchasing decision by gathering information online before buying. Secondly, in 2000 only 35 percent of Americans used the Internet for product-related search. In 2007 that number rose to 60 percent!


X-Factor Web Marketing blends public relations with search engine optimization services on a monthly basis to promote companies and their websites. Results are tracked through Web measurement and online/print clipping services. Our goal is to help your company rise to the top of search engine rankings, as well as to increase your sales and visibility on the internet.

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