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What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Fifteen years ago there was only one resource to shop for services- the Yellow Pages. Ironically, many marketers are still trapped in a time capsule, spending ungodly amounts of money to have the biggest Yellow Page ad in the directory. I live in a town of 35,000 people and we are delivered at least three different phone books (which are never used!). To effectively saturate this small market, a lawyer or doctor would have to repeat these costly ads three times to ensure that they are found.

The majority of people today use Google or another major search engine to quickly find services.  For people who are new in town and are looking for a new vet, medical doctor, childcare etc., they would typically type in “Veterinarian, Charlotte, NC”.  This makes having your company listed high on a search engine result page for a geographically specific search even more important.

It’s critical for your business to be found on page one of the search results- browsers typically don’t delve much deeper into a search.  One way to accomplish this is by optimizing your website for prospects that are seeking services within a 30-mile radius of your business, also known as Local Search Engine Optimization.

Depending on site size, this can be accomplished for less than $3000. Unlike the Yellow Pages, the leads generated through Local Search are all tracked through Google Analytics.  Local search engine optimization  is typically a one-time expense and only requires occasional tweaking for key phrases that are not working as well as others. Another benefit to local search engine optimization is that you can dictate selling your most profitable products and services with the key phrases that are incorporated into your website.

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