Has Your Sales Pipeline Sprung a Leak?

Branding your company in today’s competitive landscape can be challenging. The abundance of marketing options, short attention spans, and intense online competition make it difficult to capture and retain your target audience’s attention. Additionally, budget constraints can further complicate the situation.

X-Factor Can Help You Crack the Code to Sales Success

When we work for you, we invest our time into understanding your company and its unique qualities. We’ll build a winning marketing and communications plan to meet and exceed your goals. If you have a sales team, we’ll integrate our efforts with theirs to maximize success. If you don’t have a sales team, the right kind of marketing can serve as one. We examine every phase of your marketing, including past efforts, competition, and your website and its ability to convert prospects into leads, onboarding protocol, and close rates.X-Factor’s holistic approach to sales and marketing integration ensures results with a more targeted ad spend, better prospects, and bottom-line growth!

To experience rapid growth, marketing programs should be organized, managed, and measured for success.

Our Promise to You

  • Investing your marketing dollars wisely
  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Lowered cost per lead acquired
  • Proactive advice to build sales
  • Trustworthy advocates of your business
  • Transparency in measurement and reporting
  • Exclusivity

As your dedicated digital marketing department, we are here to help amplify your brand awareness, generate more leads, and grow sales.

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Learning Center for Marketing Insights & Strategies

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Free Marketing Plan Template

Unlock your business’s full potential with our free marketing plan template, designed to streamline your strategy and boost your brand’s success!

Competitive Advantages

  • Contract terms begin at six months
  • Every marketing tactic we specialize in is measurable and offers proof of results
  • Our team is US-based, lean, and works remotely to minimize overhead and keep costs reasonable
  • We get results, retaining 95% of our business for five years or longer.

Reach out to us and begin reaping the rewards!


Brands We've Help Build

Client Testimonials

X-Factor has truly worked wonders with our web presence and public relations efforts. Just in the last three quarters, we’ve seen nearly a 90% increase in total monthly visits to the website, about 50% more pages being viewed, and nine times the number of mobile visits we had before X-Factor got involved. They’re consistently keeping us on Google’s first page for our most important keywords, and our press releases are circulating all over the web and in newspapers and industry magazines that really matter. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this partnership.

Brent Fidler, President and CEO
Southern Glove Inc.

When considering revamping CleanSweep’s marketing program, we submitted a RFP and received proposals from multiple vendors. We chose X-Factor due to their depth of experience in strategic inbound marketing and commitment to creating return on our marketing investment. In two years, X-Factor tightened up our online branding, website and web promotion significantly. The results of our inbound strategy and following campaign were abundant and measurable- growing our sales and valuation to the point that we were able to sell the company. Thank you X-Factor team! The team at X-Factor went above and beyond to deliver a gorgeous and seamless website that runs smoothly and is easy to navigate. I had many questions and changes that I wanted to implement and X-Factor was extremely responsive and very accessible. The SEO campaign has already started generating both leads and customers. I couldn’t be more happy with the work X-Factor has done for me.

Pete Phillips, Owner
Clean Sweep, Inc.

We’ve been working with X-Factor Marketing for SEO, website maintenance, and press release creation and distribution for some time now. We’ve had nothing but fantastic results all around: huge growth across the board in page views, total visitors, and mobile engagement, plus top ranking in search engines for very competitive keywords. The custom Facebook page and YouTube channel they developed has given us a new and exciting avenue for engaging our customers and prospects. The results have been reflected in tremendous sales growth.

Steve Landrum, Sales Manager of Turning Products
Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

I've been curious about what weaknesses my website may have. The X-Factor team provided a true 3rd party in-depth evaluation of not only what Google may think about my page but also some of the typos my visitors have most likely already seen. I've owned over 30 websites and have been in business for nearly 20 years. The X-Factor Report is like having blood work performed and meeting with the doctor. Don't put it off!

Mike Steward, CEO and Business Broker
Vision Fox Business Advisors

The Covid pandemic lockdown significantly impacted our three Italian restaurants in early 2020. We turned to X-Factor Marketing to help us create and implement a strategic plan to build our take-out business to compensate for the decreased dine-in business affected by social distancing rules. X-Factor built a new mobile website, search optimized, and promoted it via Google search campaigns, and social media marketing. The results have been phenomenal! We were able to grow our takeout and delivery orders throughout the pandemic and now that we are opened for in-store dining, we are well-positioned for even greater success.

Angela Powell, Co-owner

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