Leverage the Power of Email Marketing

Although email is a powerful channel for reaching customers, it requires a high level of strategy, given the risk of information overload. Combining years of email marketing expertise with a relentless commitment to keeping up with the fast-moving digital marketing space, we’ve devised a proven formula for success: compelling and persuasive email content + customized landing pages = conversions.

The Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Delivering personal experiences
  • Increasing leads
  • Boosting sales
  • Generating web traffic
  • Communicating timely information
  • Collecting feedback, surveys, and other information

Because highly targeted and timely emails are essential to nurturing relationships between brands and prospective customers, the X-Factor team develops and implements strategic email drip campaigns. Featuring relevant and valuable messaging designed to meet your target buyers where they are, every email will seamlessly move the recipient further along their unique buyer’s journey.

X-Factor’s Email Marketing Services

Strategically planned to help you maximize results, our extensive email marketing services include the following:

  • Email account setup and list management
  • Custom-branded email design and copywriting
  • Scheduling
  • Event marketing
  • Open-rate and click-through tracking

X-Factor provides custom email marketing services for manufacturers, B2B, B2C, and nonprofit companies. Contact us below for a quote based on your specific email marketing needs.

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