Generate a Hiring Buzz in Your Local Market with a Recruitment Marketing Campaign

Finding and recruiting top-flight talent is a universal challenge these days. X-Factor can help flood your local market with a recruitment marketing campaign that will place your hiring message in front of the right audience.

Recruitment Marketing Services

  • Strategic inbound plans
  • Regionalized Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn marketing
  • Localized Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Custom landing pages
  • Website improvements
  • Corporate video overviews
  • Video onboarding
  • Measurement and reporting

We’ll work closely with your HR team to understand the critical assets and demographics you hope to reach. Messaging is developed based on these attributes and launched into the venues where future candidates spend their time.

All recruitment marketing spends are focused only on your local market, making our plans efficient and effective! Contact the team at X-Factor today to start building a recruitment marketing campaign that will attract, engage, recruit, and convert a pipeline of highly qualified potential employees to your company.

The Difference Between Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing

Advertising for One Job Position vs. Marketing an Employer

Recruiting is the process of finding and hiring candidates to fill job openings. One job is advertised on various job boards.

Recruitment Marketing focuses on strategic marketing efforts to build an employer brand, attract potential candidates, and create a talent pool for future hiring needs. 

Recruitment marketing campaigns offer numerous advantages for businesses seeking top talent. It enhances employer branding, attracts high-quality candidates, reduces time-to-hire, and lowers overall recruitment costs. For more information on how recruitment marketing can benefit your company, please complete the form below.

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