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The Importance of the Rule of Three

A best practice in clear communications is the “rule of three.” In math, the rule of three suggests that if there are three known numbers, the fourth unknown number X can be solved. Application of this idea is found in “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Three Musketeers,” and The Bible (e.g., Father, Son and Holy […]

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Aristotle: Ancient Greek Philosopher and Marketing Strategist

Born in 384 BC and often referred to as “the father of Western philosophy,” Aristotle contributed an abundance of important concepts to our society. His interests and prolific studies covered physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics, logic, ethics, music, poetry, theater, psychology, politics and more. Perhaps his greatest contribution to the marketing world were insights into persuasion: […]

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As an OEM, Can I Sell an $80,000 Machine on Facebook?

Yes, you can. If your current perception of Facebook is a bunch of photos of food photos, you are behind the times. Today’s Facebook has evolved from a relatively youthful space to a space involving people with significant buying power. While plenty of “fluff” continues to be on Facebook, you can socially relate to your […]

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Increase Company Valuation with a Strategic Marketing Plan and Rebrand

Many companies today opt for “growth by acquisition,” where they purchase a competitor or a business aligned with their overall goal set. This can be a lucrative deal for smart business owners who are prepared for a “due-diligence” exploration of their company as a potential asset. There are many facets involved in successfully selling a […]

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