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X-Factor Marketing Brief: Build a Virtual Trade Show

I am always impressed by the levels of innovation that people elevate to in a time of crisis. From contactless pizza delivery to the British pub owner that installed an electric fence to force customers to socially distance from his team, creativity abounds. By the way, the British pub owner didn’t activate his fence, just […]

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Here I Am…Way Down the Buying Curve.

How has the buying cycle changed since the advent of the Internet? Tremendously! “Consumers  today tend to want to shop anonymously, they may be 80% along the buying curve by the time they talk to a salesperson. They are well-educated as to what you offer and have already comparison shopped you. The challenge is to […]

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Caught with your digital pants down?

COVID-19 caught us all off guard. Now it’s time to digitally meet and overcome the challenge! “The COVID pandemic has threatened us all. And as we all are aware, a much more significant threat to those compromised by pre-existing illnesses and old age. Likewise, it’s going to prey on businesses that are bloated, lacking a […]

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From Wax to Websites

Hear about the spectrum of marketing background X-Factor founder Woody Stoudemire has experienced. “My marketing career has spanned thirty years- my first experience in marketing was pasting up ads with wax for them to be shot by a camera and transferred to film for printing. Later, the internet became a thing. Through my career, the […]

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