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In Search of the Perfect Key Phrase

Many salespeople I run across these days are inherently lazy. They expect the internet to replace the outreach, customer visits, and trade show trips to secure new accounts. One of my least favorite exercises is sitting in a conference room with a sales group brainstorming the one key phrase that will open the floodgates to […]

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Inbound Marketing for a Homebound Society

The coronavirus global pandemic has people all over the country and world practicing “social distancing” by staying in their homes and minimizing contact with the outside world. This also means that with travel limited and fewer people going into the office every day, face-to-face meetings aren’t happening. Your marketing efforts need not come to a […]

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How to Create Trust in Business

The sales process has dynamically changed over the past decade from pushing buyers toward a purchase to more of a persuasive nudge. However, in spite of this shift, the sales process from the buyer’s perspective is still viewed as an “us versus them” mentality, which makes building a trusting connection nearly impossible. Modern sales are […]

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2020 Inbound Marketing Checkup for Medical Practices

Start the new year off right with a strategic marketing plan to build your practice. Inbound marketing includes all the tactics to attract new patients to your medical practice website. For greatest impact, these elements should all be used in harmony to communicate consistent messaging. Check the ease of navigation and clarity of communication on […]

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