BETCO is a single-source self-storage building manufacturer that provides a number of in-house services that self-storage facility owners need, including experienced sales consultation, design and engineering, building and door manufacturing, construction crews, installation, shipping and sales of self-storage products and components. The company has manufactured more than 60 million square feet of storage buildings since it was founded in 1984.


Both the real estate market and BETCO’s sales had been hit hard by two decades of the Great Recession. The company also needed to overhaul its digital marketing — their website was outdated, with low search engine rankings and virtually no presence on social media.


  • New responsive website design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click management
  • Banner ad design and digital ad placement
  • Email marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media management
  • Oversee reputation management
  • Blog development/copywriting
  • Optimized press releases and distribution
  • Google Analytics analyses and quarterly reviews
  • E-commerce website
  • Online trade show promotion

The Results:

X-Factor developed a comprehensive web marketing campaign to position BETCO as a single-source resource for self-storage facility owners. That strategy included helping BETCO arrange a business seminar to promote the company and educate potential customers about its products and services, supported by an email marketing campaign to drive top-of-mind awareness and increase attendance. X-Factor also rebuilt BETCO’s social media presence on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with an ongoing campaign of creative content releases. A roll up door and components e-commerce website was built to expand the companies market to commercial and consumer industries to generate additional revenue streams for BETCO.

The results have been remarkable. Total website visits increased by 105%, users by 111% and webpage views by 114%. Organic searches increased by 152%, paid search by 73% and social media traffic by 119%, with top search engine rankings for industry keywords. BETCO’s annual educational seminar was so successful that a waiting list for future seminars had to be created.

Online resources and leading industrial magazines such as Inside Self Storage, Ministorage Messenger and SSA Globe also published search optimized press releases written and submitted by X-Factor.

Since partnering with X-Factor two years ago, BETCO sales grew 60% the first year and increased another 40% the following year. The company also added a second shift and is manufacturing at 100% capacity to match the demand for its products. BETCO attributes this growth to a combination of the resurgence in the real estate market and heightened brand awareness, additional leads, and higher-quality prospects resulting from X-Factor’s integrated inbound marketing efforts.


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