Action! Primer for Video Success

Video is proven to be the promotional medium that offers the best memory retention among prospects. Once a video is created it can be leveraged on your website, social media, email messaging and promoted on YouTube which is owned by Google. The affordability of video is better than ever, with reasonably good videos shot via an iPhone.

Personalized videos offer the market insight into who you are and the extent of your mental inventory in your area of expertise. These have become the modern sales call in this era of limited visits.

Product videos help the market understand functionality and benefits.

Technical or How to videos solve customer problems, build loyalty and reduce the need for customer service support.

Testimonial videos are visual success stories that build trust and prospect engagement.

For best results, take the time to generate a compelling script, keep it short, and include a call to action with clear next steps.

These videos can be posted and boosted on major social media platforms. For greater success, track views and engagement on video topic matter.

It’s best to consult a pro to shoot your videos. They understand how to create persuasive messaging and the technical aspects that make a video compelling.

If you need help scripting or managing a video shoot, contact X-Factor for details.

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