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    Watch this brief but informative webinar and see if your website is fine-tuned to deliver abundant sales volume. Today, it is vital that your company communicate with a strong digital presence, informative content and convenient user experience.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Make a great first (digital) impression
    • Assess the quality of web content
    • Build trust through your site
    • Improve organic search results
    • Enhance browser experience
    • Convert more leads through the site
    • Measure for success!

    In one of the strangest years in history, most all trade shows have been cancelled. On the bright side, budgets that were allocated to trade shows can be repurposed to drive leads in other ways.

    Here are some ideas to invest your marketing money wisely.

    1. Create clearer and more engaging web messaging
    Your website is the core of your marketing program. Does it effectively tell the story of your company? Clearly separate how you are a better choice than the competition? Does it offer a sales journey that a prospect feels comfortable traveling? Does your messaging focus primarily on your company or does it address the prospect’s pain points? Is there useful, educational content on the site? Are their clear calls to action on each page for a prospect to take next steps?

    2. Invest in web changes to offer a better user experience
    With an average on-site time of 2 minutes, does your website enable the browser to find pertinent information within a couple of clicks? Or is it a confusing funhouse maze? Is the site overcomplicated with a confusing array of button choices? Is there video or 3D animation that depicts product benefits? Are there case studies and success stories that help the prospect relate to your offered solution?

    3. Refine your SEO and Pay Per Click account
    Most companies we work with have paid for SEO, but it is either poorly implemented or not done at all. Both SEO and Pay Per Click are dependent on search keyphrases. Pay Per Click reveals exactly how your site was searched and this intelligence can be leveraged to tighten up your SEO for better results. Many clients we work with are still operating the same Pay Per Click account without modifications since they started it years ago. We call this approach, “set it and forget it”. Invest the time to investigate which ad messaging offers the best engagement and leverage that marketing intelligence into better results. Ads should be reviewed and optimized on a monthly basis for stronger click through rates and conversions.

    4. Design Virtual Trade Shows
    Since live shows are dead for now, opt for an animated 3D trade show. In the B2B space, this could be a combination of products that can be “exploded” to show benefits part by part, 360 degree machine views, incorporation of video and an offer of an online meeting. A virtual trade show solidifies the impression that your company is state of the art. These beneficial virtual environments show off your products in an interesting way and encourage engagement through your site.

    5. Build and host a webinar
    A webinar can help bridge the personal gap that has been lost to trade show cancellations. The best webinars are brief and add value for the prospect through education. They should be fun and offer key takeaways. By positioning yourself as an industry expert, you’ll build credibility and gain the trust of potential customers. Webinars can float around the internet via social media channels, as on demand, or they can be scheduled for a specific day and time. Regardless of the format, they need to be promoted heavily through multiple tactics for best results. The benefit to your company is that email addresses can be collected for future marketing efforts.

    If you could use help with any of these tactics, contact me to discuss how we can replace those lost trade show leads!

    The way the Internet is accessed has changed significantly over the last few years. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will dramatically affect not only the user experience, but also the potential for high rankings on search engines. Smartphone and tablet users experiencing difficulty loading or viewing your content will be less likely to spend time on the site, convert to an inquiry/purchase/transaction and most detrimentally, will be more likely to visit your competitor’s website.

    Mobile responsiveness simply means that a website’s content will automatically adapt to whatever screen size it is viewed on. In other words, the appearance of your homepage should be close to the same on a desktop monitor as it displays on a smartphone screen. Links have to be spaced appropriately and call-to-action (CTAs) buttons have to be larger so users will not have issues clicking on a small screen that has less precision for “clicking”. It is most desirable for the audience to have a similar experience (or as similar as possible) with your website regardless of what device they are viewing it on.

    Mobile Marketing Statistics:

    • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website. (socPub)
    • Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.
    • 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. 
    • Over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2018)

    If a company website is not mobile-friendly, it will not rank well on search engines. In 2018, Google rolled out an algorithm change that indexes websites based on their mobile version, placing priority over the desktop version. In addition to the new indexing model, a large factor in website rankings is now based on mobile loading speed. Slower loading sites may be penalized with up to a 50% lower ranking! The net effect is if your site loads slower for mobile or is not mobile friendly, your competitors will surge ahead on search results.

    Google Analytics, a web analytics tool, provides detailed data on how many users are accessing your site and the device they are using. Google also provides a service to test your website for mobile responsiveness here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly. These are free tools that can help you better understand user dynamics, behavior and characteristics.

    Focusing on mobile responsiveness with mobile optimization as the end goal not only adds validity and relevance to your website, but it generates higher customer satisfaction through ease of use. X-Factor Web Marketing specializes in helping businesses stay up-to-date with best practices of mobile-responsive website design and ongoing website maintenance. Contact X-Factor if you need a website audit, a new mobile-friendly website design, or simply need help maintaining your digital presence.

    To a business that depends on leads and conversions, keeping the sales funnel full is always a top priority.

    While your marketing and sales teams have dozens of tools and techniques at their disposal to make this happen, there’s one “salesperson” that can sometimes be forgotten in the mix: your website.

    Used properly, your website can be your most effective sales and marketing tool.  And, as an added bonus, it can work 24/7/365 without a break or a sick day, and it doesn’t even earn a commission!

    But, for your website to truly live up to its potential, some factors need to be covered well:


    Your website needs to have an appealing, professional design that puts the focus where it needs to be: on your content and your sales message.  Fancy graphics and all the other bells and whistles are fine, if they help you sell.  If they don’t, they’re a waste of time and money.

    Search Engine Optimization

    To be effective, your website needs to be found on the first page of a search engine for your products and services.  By optimizing your website  for search, you can ensure your target audience locates your company when they need you, and their inquiries will bring them to quality content that answers their questions and builds trust in your company’s ability to help.

    Online Ads

    While it’s always necessary to test various advertising methods, headline copy, targeting details and other factors, using pay-per-click advertising and display ads online can augment search engine optimization by making your site more visible to visitors who may not be typing in the exact keywords and phrases you’ve optimized for, but who have displayed their interest in your products or services nonetheless.

    Press Releases

    There are still prospects out there who should be in your sales funnel that are more likely to use traditional media such as newspapers and trade magazines when seeking information.  In addition, distributing press releases online grows your online presence exponentially and puts your company on the front page of hundreds of specialized news sites your target audience relies on for in-depth industry information.

    Social Media

    No one can overlook the potential of social media, both as a distribution channel and as a means of directly engaging that target market you’re after.  By creating a solid presence on the social media sites your prospects use, you can market, sell, and increase referrals and repeat buyers, all using the same set of tools.


    Adding Analytics to your website can reveal your most popular products and services and the city/state of your audience among many other metrics. Careful measurement and analysis of the results will help to refine your marketing dollars for more efficient spending later.



    When these factors combine to optimize the visibility and effectiveness of your website, it can truly live up to its potential as the single most powerful “salesperson” on your team, and keeping the sales funnel full becomes an easy item to check off your to-do list.


    For more information on how to keep your sales funnel full, contact X-Factor Web Marketing and let us know if we can help position you for success! 

    In the Old West, there was only one way to differentiate between your cattle and the next rancher’s; you branded your cattle with a mark uniquely your own. No matter how far afield your cattle went, they couldn’t be rustled because that brand meant they belonged to you and everybody knew it.

    It’s not the Old West, but the idea remains the same; create a unique personal mark, put it on everything you do and no matter where you go or who you talk to, they’ll know who you are and what you stand for. When the plains are crowded with cattle, your brand will stand out.

    Brand Yourself Like A Purple Cow

    In Seth Godin’s book, “The Purple Cow,” he does a great job of explaining the concept of standing out from the boring sameness we encounter every day. With over 14 million people unemployed in the US, it’s going to take more than a standard resume and a clean suit to get you hired. Like a pasture full of brown, dull cows, you need to be the only purple cow in the field. You need to be the one remarkable candidate. How to achieve remarkable status? Build a personal brand.

    If McDonald’s can do it, if Rihanna can do it, if Ford can do it, so can you. You know what they offer, you know what they stand for, and you know they are remarkable. You are remarkable to.

    Begin with your personal story. Everyone has one, everyone’s is special. But, while most people don’t consider their lives that interesting, now is the time to invest in a little R&D into your own brand. What values were you taught that you can bring to the job market? Did your mom stress the importance of always being on time? Did your dad teach you to be a team player? Both important assets you bring to a new employer.

    Now take that a step further and write down all the other skills you used in school and in previous jobs. Highlight the ones that are the most relevant for today’s job market. Use this as a basis to create a truly remarkable resume.

    Build a Better Resume

    • Make the Objective job-specific. If the job is to wash windows, make your objective to work for a company where you can highlight your fantastic skills at window washing.  Now is not the time to be vague.
    • Proofread before showing to anyone. There’s a reason one of the first advancements in computer technology was the spell check button.
    • A lean resume is a healthy resume. Trim the fat, employers don’t want to know about your years spent working at the corner taco stand (unless you’re trying to get another taco stand job.) Post only past jobs relevant to the job you are currently seeking.
    • Keep the hobbies at home. (Unless your hobby pertains to the position you are seeking.)
    • Don’t oversell yourself. Be who you are. If you assisted in a project as the go-fer, don’t imply you were the tech in charge. You may have to prove your claim.
    • Bring on the back-up. Always use the strongest references you can. If you’re friends with someone well-known in their field or you’re next to last employer loved you, don’t be afraid to name drop.

    Launch Your Brand into Cyber Space

    Social Media Marketing is the greatest phenomenon since the personal computer itself. You can literally reach thousands of people with one post or by “liking” one “friend.” It’s the one greatest opportunity to meet others in your field, create visibility for your brand, and increase your online searchability.

    Site Seeing

    You can start putting yourself out there with these popular sites:

    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Blogging-BlogSpot, WordPress, TypePad, Blogger

    Just take care to make sure all social networking reflects your personal brand. These sites are blurring the lines between business and personal; don’t get the two confused. Future employers know about these sites as well.

    Tell your story, know your audience, differentiate your brand, market wisely-be remarkable– and your personal brand will become your personal success.

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