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Charles Stewart Contract, a long-time X-Factor public relations client, hired us to compose a case study regarding a recent project.

A case study is a detailed account of a company, person or project over a given period of time. It describes a problem or challenge that a company may have faced, and their process for solving the problem.

The Charles Stewart Contract case study was used to showcase their clients’ need for a specific product, and the company’s ability to meet that need. Through targeted media distribution, the Charles Stewart Contract case study has been featured in several furniture publications to date, as well as through online media (Yahoo News, PR Web, etc.).

Distributing case studies using both online and traditional media, as well as posting it on the website, allows readers to easily locate it not only through traditional means, but also on the Internet. Remember, when creating case studies, it is important to optimize copy for search using targeted keywords.
Why are case studies valuable? They provide readers with the opportunity to identify with the company, review a challenge that the company faced and their strategy for creating a solution. It allows readers to review management decisions, strategies, challenges, recommendations, etc. It builds credibility for your company, spotlights valued customers in a flattering light and can position you as an expert in the industry.

You tackle challenges every day. What have you learned that can benefit others?

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