Caught with your digital pants down?

COVID-19 caught us all off guard. Now it’s time to digitally meet and overcome the challenge!

“The COVID pandemic has threatened us all. And as we all are aware, a much more significant threat to those compromised by pre-existing illnesses and old age. Likewise, it’s going to prey on businesses that are bloated, lacking a clear strategic plan or living with a weak digital presence. With travel, interpersonal meetings and trade shows canceled, businesses with a weak 2020 website and do it yourself inbound marketing initiatives are going to get trampled.”

“Hopefully, you aren’t in complete denial regarding your website’s quality of  content, design, and user experience. Ignoring a weak digital game in today’s climate is more dangerous than ever and could be business-life threatening. Pick your strongest three competitors and take a spin around their websites. If they have a competitive advantage in any aspect of the digital realm, it would be a good idea to call an inbound pro and represent your company the right way.”

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Written by Woody Stoudemire

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