As an OEM, Can I Sell an $80,000 Machine on Facebook?

Yes, you can.

If your current perception of Facebook is a bunch of photos of food photos, you are behind the times. Today’s Facebook has evolved from a relatively youthful space to a space involving people with significant buying power. While plenty of “fluff” continues to be on Facebook, you can socially relate to your prospect where they spend abundant time. It’s critical from a messaging standpoint that you have a clear objective of goals for social media.

These could include the following:

Facebook is a viable and cost-effective channel for placing your industrial products and services in front of your audience with specificity, accuracy, and relevance. Even now, no other social media platform has Facebook’s reach. In 2018, Facebook’s daily active users (DAUs) averaged 1.52 billion, an increase of 9 percent over 2017. The largest group of Facebook users is also the largest group of purchase decision makers, most of whom make their purchases, both small and large, online.

Key reasons to implement a Facebook marketing and advertising program include the following:

The very nature of Facebook’s registration allows users to provide significant personal data such as job title, workplace, age, gender, and location, all of which can all be leveraged for product placement. Specificity in targeting and low customer acquisition cost are what make Facebook a platform not to be overlooked by industrial marketers.

Facebook ads are interactive, with Messenger capabilities enabling users to easily communicate with manufacturers and distributors to discuss pricing, availability, product specifications, and more. This method of direct selling and interaction is a much different approach than focusing on search ranking performance or search engine optimization (SEO). With Facebook, marketers can target a demographic that might not know that it is interested in a product, thus subtly creating demand for a brand or product.

For for over a decade, X-Factor Web Marketing has narrated the stories of numerous industrial companies on Facebook to build brand awareness and ultimately convert users and their buying behaviors into measurable sales. Via Facebook Messenger, our customers commonly quote machinery and industrial goods exceeding $80k in value. Telling engaging stories about your brand using Facebook advertising will remain a lucrative selling channel for the foreseeable future. Contact us if you need help building your Facebook advertising campaign.

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