From Wax to Websites

Hear about the spectrum of marketing background X-Factor founder Woody Stoudemire has experienced.

“My marketing career has spanned thirty years- my first experience in marketing was pasting up ads with wax for them to be shot by a camera and transferred to film for printing. Later, the internet became a thing. Through my career, the one constant has been constant change, leading to lifelong learning. Most every day I learn something new and exciting. This pace of innovation has rapidly expanded over recent years with the advent of new social media platforms, app development and advanced programming. All this technology helps drive Inbound Marketing, which is a combination of measurable marketing methods that attract your ideal prospect through your website and into your sales pipeline. With inbound marketing, intelligence is collected to make data-driven decisions to refine your marketing approach, ultimately improving return on ad spend.”

“My favorite aspect of marketing is sharing in a client’s success. I relish the opportunity to help a client build positive sales momentum or raise the company valuation to maximize the sale. It makes the lifelong learning journey worthwhile.”

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Written by Woody Stoudemire

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