Go Viral! Ways to Increase Your YouTube Presence.

So you’ve created a YouTube channel, yet you have no views on your videos? There are several easy things you can do right now to increase your channel traffic. First things first, add a YouTube icon on your website to link viewers from your website to your YouTube channel and influence more traffic. YouTube remains the leading source for video file-sharing and can be a powerful business-to-business networking tool. An added benefit of hosting videos on YouTube is that every channel is free and offers unlimited bandwidth, which saves you money by not using extra memory and bandwidth on your paid hosting site.

If you want your YouTube channel and videos to stand apart from your competitors’, start using Annotations – a unique way to add text, links to other videos, playlists and channels right into your video. This is a good way to engage your audience and create a call-to-action, feedback requests and clickable links. Adding annotations to your videos also gives viewers something to do once the video is finished. You can direct viewers to another video, your channel, or just ask them to subscribe to your channel.

Having a custom YouTube channel is another way to make a great first impression. How better to show off your logo and products than with a custom background and themes and colors that better match your brand? To see examples of custom YouTube channels designed by X-Factor Web Marketing, visit www.youtube.com/southernglove and www.youtube.com/muratamachinery.

When creating your YouTube channel, use specific keywords on your video’s title and description to maximize the opportunity for them to be easily found in search-engine searches. Keywords can and should include anything within your niche.

Just like Google, YouTube has analytics that can give you valuable information about your visitors. By simply checking your insight data once a week, you can determine how your videos are performing, how people are finding your content, and who is watching. Explore ways to increase your channel-discovery and viewership by adjusting your keywords, video titles and descriptions every month.

Add your URL to your profile and videos. By doing so, you allow viewers to learn more about your company by giving them a quick link back to the website.

Review your comments. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your comments, delete any spam and always follow up on questions being asked or positive reviews.

Just a few hours a week can make a huge difference in your online marketing efforts and keep visitors coming back.

By Mary Lou Yelton

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