How Online Public Relations Can Boost Your Company’s Profile

The Internet has revolutionized the marketing world.  In fact, online marketing initiatives are arguably more powerful and affordable than traditional advertising strategies because of the wider reach the Internet offers.  Not everyone watches the same television or reads certain publications, so marketing towards traditional media forms exclusively can cost companies thousands (if not more) in potential lost revenues.

One of the most popular online marketing strategies is utilizing online distribution for articles and press releases.  Just a few of the benefits of online article and press release distribution include:

1.  Spending much less than on traditional radio, television or print advertising.  Internet marketing, while still competitive, is much more affordable than traditional media advertising (probably in large part because print and broadcast media have been steadily losing advertisers for the past several years, and they have to make up for that by charging more for the space and time they do sell).

2.  Reaching an immediate audience. The Internet is immediate so the second you release an item for publication, it’s already attracting your target audience.  Even better is that your audience could be in the millions, simply because you’re not just targeting a small group in a specific demographic, but anyone in the world who is interested in your product/services/area of expertise.  Potential buyers seek you out through a “pull” strategy as opposed to the traditional “pushing” of a message.

3.  Establishing your name as an industry expert. The Internet has given anyone the power to be an instant author AND gain credibility as an expert, and publication is often as quick as pressing a submit button.  If you can reach reputable sites or establish a respected blog, you can instantly boost your industry credentials.

By Woody Stoudemire

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