Improve your Bounce Rate

Google Analytics has a feature on its dashboard called a “Bounce Rate.” This is one of the key metrics in web analysis. Essentially, it is the percentage of times that someone “bounces” almost immediately when they find your site. A bounce rate of over 40% is cause for concern. It may mean that your site doesn’t captivate the audience quickly, causing them to look elsewhere for services. To improve your bounce rate, make certain you are appealing to the right prospect with relevant keywords and content. Another way to quickly engage the prospect is free resources in the form of white papers or other useful tools that will help the browser. Blogs can actually hurt a bounce rate. If your blog has regular readership over time, it may mean that browser’s show up to read the blog and then immediately depart. This act alone could adversely affect your bounce rate. Check your analytics over 12 months, make the appropriate changes to your site and begin to assess it on a monthly basis to test improvement.


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