In Search of the Perfect Key Phrase

Many salespeople I run across these days are inherently lazy. They expect the internet to replace the outreach, customer visits, and trade show trips to secure new accounts.

One of my least favorite exercises is sitting in a conference room with a sales group brainstorming the one key phrase that will open the floodgates to sales mecca. Unfortunately, this has become the new norm. Resilience has been worn down, personal meetings are hard to come by, and customers have all their buying options at their fingertips. Key phrases are important, and your website should certainly be search engine optimized for those key phrases! However, there is no single tactic, or “magic bean” as I like to call it, that will solve a sales challenge. It takes multiple tactics supported by consistent messaging to drive long-term success.

Traditionally, when times are tough, sales blames marketing and vice versa. For everything to work harmoniously, there needs to be an ongoing marketing effort combined with personalized outreach from the sales team. The personalized messaging given by sales should match that of the marketing effort to ensure clarity and brand recognition.

If your sales team spends more time trying to devise the perfect video or unearth the perfect key phrase instead of engaging clients, it’s time to search for the perfect sales force.

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Written by Woody Stoudemire

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