Inbound Marketing for a Homebound Society
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    Inbound Marketing for a Homebound Society

    The coronavirus global pandemic has people all over the country and world practicing “social distancing” by staying in their homes and minimizing contact with the outside world. This also means that with travel limited and fewer people going into the office every day, face-to-face meetings aren’t happening.

    Your marketing efforts need not come to a screeching halt, however.

    Here’s a closer look at how your website can keep working for your business, even when your sales team cannot.

    Your Website Is More Vital Than Ever

    With outbound marketing, marketers build brand awareness with consistency and omnipresence. Conversely, inbound marketing via your website is about attracting new customers by pulling them through your website, toward your company and products. This means aligning your website with your customer’s interests in order to naturally attract traffic, raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and drive sales.

    In these times of reduced personal contact, your website’s ability to persuade prospects through content marketing, blog entries, SEO and other tactics is more critical than ever.

    Take the Time to Honestly Appraise Your Web Presence

    The vast majority of businesses today have websites. However, all websites are not created equal, and many fail to realize their full potential. This also means that they’re failing to maximize the number of customers they attract and convert.

    How do you make sure your website is doing everything it can possibly do on the marketing front?

    • Honestly assess how your site looks and navigates vs your key competition. If it’s not emanating “trust vibes” through well thought out messaging and professional design  leads will be lost and sales will never have the opportunity to be converted.
    • Add SEO to the site to rank high in major search engines. This is often poorly installed by web developers and should be reviewed by a professional SEO firm to maximize results.
    • Check the loading speed of your website.  Forty percent of your web visitors will leave if the loading process exceeds three seconds (Source: Adobe). Simply put: No matter how great your content is, it doesn’t matter if people aren’t willing to wait for it. Loading time is also a factor in the Google ranking process, which is yet another incentive to make sure your website is speedy. 
    • Ensure that the site is mobile-friendly.  Is it readable and functional on a tablet or smartphone? Is it as easy to navigate with a finger as with a mouse? If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will dramatically affect not only the user experience, but also the potential for high rankings on search engines. Smartphone and tablet users experiencing difficulty viewing your content will be less likely to spend time on the site, convert to an inquiry/purchase/transaction and most detrimentally, will be more likely to visit your competitor’s website.

    Prepare Now For The Economic Awakening

    With sales teams grounded, these things are just the bare minimum. An inbound strategy helps promote your improved web presence to your target audience. All of these tactics are measurable through Google Analytics.  Additional strategies can improve and enhance the degree to which you’re connecting with and engaging prospects and consumers. These include live stream videos, email campaignssocial media marketingpromotional videos and website updates.

    At the end of the day, your marketing is only as successful as its ability to reach customers and drive sales. With sales teams largely immobilized by the ongoing public health crisis, this means finding new ways of attracting consumers. Not only can inbound marketing help bridge the gap, but it also has the potential to galvanize your marketing toward new and exciting results.

    If you need help navigating through these unprecedented times, please do not hesitate to contact us at or email

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