Increase Company Valuation with a Strategic Marketing Plan and Rebrand

Many companies today opt for “growth by acquisition,” where they purchase a competitor or a business aligned with their overall goal set. This can be a lucrative deal for smart business owners who are prepared for a “due-diligence” exploration of their company as a potential asset.

There are many facets involved in successfully selling a business.

Potential buyers look for these qualities:

 Another important element potential buyers will consider is a managerial team or a second-in-command who can dependably run the business in the absence of ownership.

Marketing Adds Value

Marketing can significantly increase business valuation. Any buyer wants assurance of future revenue. You can solidify that perception with a strong, identifiable brand and a strategic marketing plan that has proven ROI.

Good marketing accentuates the unique differences of your products and carries your message to the market through multiple advertising, public relations and direct sales tactics. This tends to have a positive impact on recurring revenue, positive cash flow, annual growth rate and increased repeat customers.

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