Keeping the Sales Funnel Full

To a business that depends on leads and conversions, keeping the sales funnel full is always a top priority.

While your marketing and sales teams have dozens of tools and techniques at their disposal to make this happen, there’s one “salesperson” that can sometimes be forgotten in the mix: your website.

Used properly, your website can be your most effective sales and marketing tool.  And, as an added bonus, it can work 24/7/365 without a break or a sick day, and it doesn’t even earn a commission!

But, for your website to truly live up to its potential, some factors need to be covered well:


Your website needs to have an appealing, professional design that puts the focus where it needs to be: on your content and your sales message.  Fancy graphics and all the other bells and whistles are fine, if they help you sell.  If they don’t, they’re a waste of time and money.

Search Engine Optimization

To be effective, your website needs to be found on the first page of a search engine for your products and services.  By optimizing your website  for search, you can ensure your target audience locates your company when they need you, and their inquiries will bring them to quality content that answers their questions and builds trust in your company’s ability to help.

Online Ads

While it’s always necessary to test various advertising methods, headline copy, targeting details and other factors, using pay-per-click advertising and display ads online can augment search engine optimization by making your site more visible to visitors who may not be typing in the exact keywords and phrases you’ve optimized for, but who have displayed their interest in your products or services nonetheless.

Press Releases

There are still prospects out there who should be in your sales funnel that are more likely to use traditional media such as newspapers and trade magazines when seeking information.  In addition, distributing press releases online grows your online presence exponentially and puts your company on the front page of hundreds of specialized news sites your target audience relies on for in-depth industry information.

Social Media

No one can overlook the potential of social media, both as a distribution channel and as a means of directly engaging that target market you’re after.  By creating a solid presence on the social media sites your prospects use, you can market, sell, and increase referrals and repeat buyers, all using the same set of tools.


Adding Analytics to your website can reveal your most popular products and services and the city/state of your audience among many other metrics. Careful measurement and analysis of the results will help to refine your marketing dollars for more efficient spending later.

When these factors combine to optimize the visibility and effectiveness of your website, it can truly live up to its potential as the single most powerful “salesperson” on your team, and keeping the sales funnel full becomes an easy item to check off your to-do list.

For more information on how to keep your sales funnel full, contact X-Factor Web Marketing and let us know if we can help position you for success! 

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