Outsourcing Inbound Marketing for Rapid Sales Growth

Marketing managers and CMOs have tough jobs. They not only have to manage their organization’s brand, balancing the overall marketing strategy with their company’s goals, support sales and identify opportunities but they also have to objectively sift through the mountains of data to identify and stratify if all their efforts are effective. Enter the modern digital marketing firm. Outsourcing your inbound marketing strategy to a firm of specialists makes sense for many businesses. We will explore the way this outsourcing can actually create synergies and growth that otherwise would not be experienced with only an internal effort.

Most digital marketing agencies’ sole focus is inbound marketing. These contracted firms are up-to-date on all the best practices for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what it takes to make your website a very effective virtual sales funnel. With an objective view of a client’s culture, value proposition and goals, a competent marketing agency can help build a digital strategy that combines the company’s growth aspirations with a schedule, calendar or road map of succinct actions that not only optimize branding and messaging but maintains a consistent presence and interaction across all digital sales channels. This includes SMM (Social Media Marketing), email marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing including SEO and PPC), digital relationship management and more.

It’s easy for marketers to get tunnel vision in their organization. Maintaining objective initiatives with rigid consistency and the absence of corporate bias and politics are other advantages of outsourcing inbound marketing. A hired agency isn’t going to be competing against other departments for resources that their clients could possibly experience internally. Having this objectivity keeps the hired digital marketing firm not only accountable but also efficient. The accountability to create results in the form of sales growth and revenue is always in focus. Effective marketing contractors interpret the data output from Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, hosting services for email blasts, directories and banner ads so their client can see what works and what doesn’t.

Possibly the most obvious reason to outsource inbound marketing is cost effectiveness. Most marketing firms charge reasonable rates for ad design, placement and other service charges associated with a digital marketing effort. Compare those costs to that of an on-staff marketing team with significant salaries and benefits. Providing basic content ideas to an agency that is the expert on placement, design, advertising channels, engagement strategy and the ability to track and interpret the results from these efforts makes sense. It also frees key personnel at your company to more effectively do their jobs, as opposed to juggling marketing tasks.

Consider X-Factor Web Marketing as a reliable partner to outsource your inbound marketing to. Since 2008, we have helped companies not only grow sales but gain efficiencies and cut costs. Remember, if you aren’t measuring, you’re guessing.

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