Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers

Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and YouTube are just a sampling of platforms for promotion of industrial products and services. Social media is an affordable way to market, meets prospects where they spend time, demonstrates company culture and is measurable.

Social media marketing for manufacturers requires diverse content that engages the market with inspirational creativity. And when you can accomplish that, you’ll see success with social efforts.

Let’s review a few ways that manufacturers can make an impact with social media marketing.

Offer Product Training With Video   

The B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America revealed that 72% of B2B marketers used YouTube to distribute content.  Manufacturers need to find ways to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Finding engaging ways to tell your brand’s story drives marketing success. Video posts provide the perfect avenue for sharing insightful information about what you offer.

How-to Videos give you the opportunity to teach your audience. What do your customers want to learn? Essentially, you’re looking for the Venn Diagram overlap of things your audience wants to learn and things your brand can teach them.

Introduce a New Product using a behind-the-scenes type of video. Show off top companies using the product, incorporate interviews with your internal team and/or customers, and reveal exactly how this product will impact the industry.

Show Product Features of new and established products. Product feature videos merge the first two ideas into a helpful, informative video about what you offer.

Promote & Build Brand Awareness  

Build up your brand as a likable, relatable resource to your customers through a variety of social media avenues to achieve these goals. Building an engaged audience lowers the cost of advertising. Your aim should be to build consumer-oriented relationships with ideal customers.

Post In-Action Product Photos of customers using your product. You’re looking for professional, yet candid, shots of the product in-action. Image posts are very effective on Facebook. This also establishes social-proof that others benefit from your product. (Pro Tip: Share a testimonial as the image caption for an even greater effect.)

Share Exclusive Interviews of internal team members. Some basic get-to-know-you interviews are a great way to connect with your audience in a deeper way. Ask stakeholders to answer some basic questions about them and/or what they do. (Pro Tip: Use video to conduct the interview for a deeper connection.)

Conduct & Share Research about how your customers use your product. This works really well if you cater to several industries. Research how companies within different industries find success with your product. (Pro Tip: Create an infographic that visually represents the data and research you collected.)

Virtually Meet Your Audience  

Use LinkedIn to establish personal connections with people that could positively impact your manufacturing company. Manufacturers can use personal accounts to reach out to prospects, clients and connect with contractors. Stakeholders can also develop influence using LinkedIn Groups and Publishing platforms. Gathering testimonials on LinkedIn adds credibility to you as a professional personally. In your bio, briefly describe how your product and service solves specific problems.

LinkedIn business pages should house relevant information about your company. Use it to share important information about any new developments or product releases. Done well, social media marketing is a viable medium for manufacturers.


Savvy marketers will find creative ways to coordinate strategic endeavors when doing social media marketing for manufacturers. Done well, social media marketing is a viable medium for manufacturing companies.

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