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    The Power of Analytics

    Websites are now the core of any company’s marketing program. It’s the 24-hour storefront that never closes. It’s a resource of information enabling the showcasing of products pictorially, in video and in text. This is changing the face of marketing, which use to be a “push” message that utilized persuasion to educate prospects. With the web, the control has shifted to the consumer’s hands; they need a product, they research it on the web and then make the inquiry if interested. Attaching Google Analytics or some other web metrics to your site can provide a wealth of marketing intelligence that is often overlooked. Want to know how prospects arrive on your site? Which products they view most frequently? Which pages hold the most interest? Which geographic regions are hitting your website most frequently? It’s all in analytics.  And best of all, you can segment time by day, month or year and even do comparisons to past months or years. The consumer has control, but you can develop a better strategy to attract them with heightened attention to your analytics.

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