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    Why are keywords so important?

    Selecting the right keywords for your website is essential when optimizing for search engines. Many people think that adding basic keywords to their website will do the trick. Not true. For example, a website promoting “vacations” should not optimize their home page with the word “vacation”. Your chances for ranking for such a basic, highly competitive word are slim (unless of course you’re a company like Expedia, with a page rank of 7!). If you were to specify the type of vacation you are promoting, such as “all-inclusive family resorts in the Bahama’s”, you’re chances for search engine success are much greater. This is known as a “long-tail keyword phrase”. You are still promoting vacations, however, you are targeting specific, pre-qualified visitors. Did you know…. The highest conversion rates from search engine traffic come from people typing in three to four word search queries?

    Tips for Keyword Success:

    • Select keywords that have a moderate level of search volume, yet have low competition.
    • Optimize using keyword phrases, not just single keywords.
    • Use main keywords in url’s for maximum optimization.
    • Take time to do keyword research. Brainstorm. Visit competitor’s websites.

    Take a “keyword test”. Google specific keywords that you would like to rank for. Is your website listed in the top 10 results? Who is?

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