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X-Factor Marketing Brief: Here to Help – Not to Sell!

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Since the internet tipped the scales towards digital research, today’s consumer is better educated, sales are less in the hands of salespeople and more the responsibility of the corporate website.

This explains the surge of content generation to gently “attract” the market and not “sell” them. Aversion to sales is particularly a sensitive topic to the LinkedIn audience.  Too pushy a message with too much frequency will send prospects running. It’s critically important to approach the market with a servant-leadership mentality of helping the prospect understand how your company is trustworthy and how they may benefit from what you have to offer. Build this rapport slowly with consistent, educational and informative on-brand messaging that the market appreciates and will retain.

Our brand mission is straightforward, we want to help people. When their businesses grow, we grow and it doesn’t get any more win-win than that.

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Written by Woody Stoudemire

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