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    A best practice in clear communications is the “rule of three.” In math, the rule of three suggests that if there are three known numbers, the fourth unknown number X can be solved. Application of this idea is found in “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Three Musketeers,” and The Bible (e.g., Father, Son and Holy Ghost). In marketing, the principle posits that content written in three’s is memorable and pleasing to the audience.

    Communicating three ideas resonates with a target audience. When strategically focusing on a client’s messaging, we always try to distill three core concepts that clearly differentiate them from the competition. This helps our client stand far above the sea of marketing clutter and clearly defines their value proposition to their target audience. These three core messages shouldn’t relate to an audience’s built-in expectations such as on-time delivery, high levels of service, or 1,000 years of combined experience. They should uniquely communicate how you serve customers, and they should inspire action.

    Here are some questions to help you form your own rule of three:

    1. In one sentence, what does your company do best?

    2. What three things, in order of importance, do you want the market to know about your company?

    3. What differentiates your company from the competition?

    An introspective thought process to answer these questions is the genesis of a solid strategic branding campaign for your company. Using your own rule of three helps your message become more meaningful and memorable to your desired audience. The results are better ROI, strengthened brand recognition and sales growth.

    If you need help, we specialize in building strategic inbound marketing programs for a diversity of clients. We would be happy to discuss how you can define and communicate your unique rule of three. Contact us at


    Many companies today opt for “growth by acquisition,” where they purchase a competitor or a business aligned with their overall goal set. This can be a lucrative deal for smart business owners who are prepared for a “due-diligence” exploration of their company as a potential asset.

    There are many facets involved in successfully selling a business.

    Potential buyers look for these qualities:

    • Formalized business strategy
    • Strong brand recognition
    • Proven strategic marketing plan
    • Repeatable processes 
    • Family of unique, differentiated products 
    • Good year-over-year revenue growth rate
    • List of repeat customers
    • Positive cash flow 
    • Experienced and capable team

     Another important element potential buyers will consider is a managerial team or a second-in-command who can dependably run the business in the absence of ownership.

    Marketing Adds Value

    Marketing can significantly increase business valuation. Any buyer wants assurance of future revenue. You can solidify that perception with a strong, identifiable brand and a strategic marketing plan that has proven ROI.

    Good marketing accentuates the unique differences of your products and carries your message to the market through multiple advertising, public relations and direct sales tactics. This tends to have a positive impact on recurring revenue, positive cash flow, annual growth rate and increased repeat customers.

    Before you begin seriously exploring an exit strategy, let’s discuss how we can maximize the selling price of your business through smarter marketing. For more information, visit or contact

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