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    Start the new year off right with a strategic marketing plan to build your practice.

    Inbound marketing includes all the tactics to attract new patients to your medical practice website. For greatest impact, these elements should all be used in harmony to communicate consistent messaging.

    1. Check the ease of navigation and clarity of communication on your website. Patients typically spend an average of two minutes on your website to review and assess your practice. Make sure it gives a great first impression through pertinent information and easy-to-use features. The website shouldn’t be promoted until it has been overhauled for maximum effectiveness.


    1. Determine if regionalized, local search engine optimization (SEO) is properly employed. This is critical for your website to appear at the top of page one of Google and Bing/Yahoo search results (which cover 98 percent of the overall search market). In most cases, SEO is not properly implemented.


    1. Initiate a social media campaign via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to show off the personality of your organization and clearly differentiate your practice locations from those of your competitors.


    1. Promote your social media presence and encourage a patient following with in-office signage.


    1. Consider an online patient portal as a primary messaging center to engage patients and keep them informed about their medical status.

    These tactics, applied in union with a clear messaging strategy, will position your practice as forward-thinking and technologically advanced and will meet the market where it spends the majority of its time.

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire

    Recruiting patients for healthcare practices is typically physician-driven and depends largely on patient referrals. High-quality customer experiences are critically important to growing a sustainable practice.

    Another key element often overlooked is differentiation of the practice culture from those offering similar services down the street. This can be accomplished by creating a messaging strategy that clearly defines how your practice is different from, and better than, the competition.

    Simply promoting your services does little to differentiate a practice. Patients can find these same services at competing practices across town. What will have the most impact on patients seeking a new practice is proximity/convenience, culture, and ease of appointment setting.

    Google Maps is an excellent opportunity to share your location(s) because most people search “family practice near me” to find a new practice. To ensure that your practice appears at the top of Google search results (66 percent of the search market), search-optimize your website for cities within your patient geographic location.

    You can promote your unique clinic culture by showing off the welcoming environment and cutting-edge technology your practice offers through your website and social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can target patients by gender and age on many of these platforms.

    Create online patient portals and useful tools like online appointment setting for greater convenience that will enhance the patient experience.

    Focusing on these three things will help bring additional patients into your practice and ensure that they have a positive experience.

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire
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