Three Powerful Reasons To Outsource Your Website Maintenance

Can you imagine saving up for a brand new Ferrari, then driving it off the lot, parking it in your garage and leaving it there forever?

Of course not!  What a waste, right?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a lot of people do with one of their most valuable marketing assets: their company website.

You’ve probably spent significant time and money getting your company’s website up and running. When you “drove it off the lot,” launching it for the first time, it probably looked great!  But what have you done with it since then?

Is it sitting there collecting dust?  Behind closed doors?  In the dark?

If so, you need someone to get in and drive that thing for you, run it through the car wash a time or two, change the oil now and then, and make sure she keeps running right for years to come!

We call that website maintenance, and consider it to be one of the easiest, most affordable and most reliable ways to keep your website in top form.  Plus, it’s sure to make your site more appealing to customers and search engines alike.

But, to be honest, if you’re planning on doing it in-house, website maintenance can end up being expensive, time-consuming, and easily put off.  That’s why we always recommend outsourcing your web maintenance to experienced webmasters who can help pick up the slack. 

Here are three solid reasons why outsourcing your website maintenance is a smart call:

  1. It’s cheaper.  If you hire a full-time webmaster, you’re going to be paying around $55,000 per year PLUS benefits, PLUS sick time, PLUS vacation time, PLUS unemployment, disability, taxes…..all told, we’re talking about over $6,000 per month.  And you’re probably not going to require 175 hours worth of website maintenance every month, so either your hired webmaster will be doing things outside his or her area of expertise, or wasting time.  Instead, an outsourced webmaster can be available for every update your site needs at a tiny fraction of the cost.
  2. It’s more consistent.  While you’re busy running your business, maintaining your website can easily fall by the wayside.  Making the little tweaks that keep your website running well, adding fresh content to keep it timely, relevant, and popular with the search engines, checking for broken links, updating product information and pricing… all of these things can get away from you while you’re busy actually doing what you do best.  But an outsourced professional can concentrate on maintaining your website consistently, proactively prompting you for updates as needed, keeping up with links, fixing any pesky errors that arise, and making any content updates at your request.
  3. It’s better for your customers.  When your website is properly maintained and kept up-to-date with timely and fresh content, your current and potential customers have a better experience. Which means they’re more likely to start – or continue – doing business with you.  And since we’ve already established it’s less expensive and more effective to let an outsourced webmaster  handle it for you, this is turning into a no-brainer.

Be sure to ask us about X-Factor’s custom website maintenance packages before your site ends up collecting dust!  Need an entirely new website design?  We can help with that too!

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