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    How has the buying cycle changed since the advent of the Internet? Tremendously!

    "Consumers  today tend to want to shop anonymously, they may be 80% along the buying curve by the time they talk to a salesperson. They are well-educated as to what you offer and have already comparison shopped you. The challenge is to persuasively close the deal within the 20% of the conversation the buyer allows you to participate in. Further to that challenge is in a majority of purchases they don’t speak with a person at all.

    How can you win more business? Improve your presentation across all digital platforms. Website, social media and directories Focus on consistency of branding across outbound efforts. Create content that shapes a path that the consumer is comfortable traveling. Build trust with your communications to help them choose you. Anymore, your digital presence is your presence. If you want an objective, three page critique of your website reach out to me. I would be happy to help."

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire

    COVID-19 caught us all off guard. Now it’s time to digitally meet and overcome the challenge!

    "The COVID pandemic has threatened us all. And as we all are aware, a much more significant threat to those compromised by pre-existing illnesses and old age. Likewise, it’s going to prey on businesses that are bloated, lacking a clear strategic plan or living with a weak digital presence. With travel, interpersonal meetings and trade shows canceled, businesses with a weak 2020 website and do it yourself inbound marketing initiatives are going to get trampled."

    "Hopefully, you aren’t in complete denial regarding your website’s quality of  content, design, and user experience. Ignoring a weak digital game in today’s climate is more dangerous than ever and could be business-life threatening. Pick your strongest three competitors and take a spin around their websites. If they have a competitive advantage in any aspect of the digital realm, it would be a good idea to call an inbound pro and represent your company the right way."

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire

    Hear about the spectrum of marketing background X-Factor founder Woody Stoudemire has experienced.

    "My marketing career has spanned thirty years- my first experience in marketing was pasting up ads with wax for them to be shot by a camera and transferred to film for printing. Later, the internet became a thing. Through my career, the one constant has been constant change, leading to lifelong learning. Most every day I learn something new and exciting. This pace of innovation has rapidly expanded over recent years with the advent of new social media platforms, app development and advanced programming. All this technology helps drive Inbound Marketing, which is a combination of measurable marketing methods that attract your ideal prospect through your website and into your sales pipeline. With inbound marketing, intelligence is collected to make data-driven decisions to refine your marketing approach, ultimately improving return on ad spend."

    "My favorite aspect of marketing is sharing in a client’s success. I relish the opportunity to help a client build positive sales momentum or raise the company valuation to maximize the sale. It makes the lifelong learning journey worthwhile."

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire

    Many salespeople I run across these days are inherently lazy. They expect the internet to replace the outreach, customer visits, and trade show trips to secure new accounts.

    One of my least favorite exercises is sitting in a conference room with a sales group brainstorming the one key phrase that will open the floodgates to sales mecca. Unfortunately, this has become the new norm. Resilience has been worn down, personal meetings are hard to come by, and customers have all their buying options at their fingertips. Key phrases are important, and your website should certainly be search engine optimized for those key phrases! However, there is no single tactic, or “magic bean” as I like to call it, that will solve a sales challenge. It takes multiple tactics supported by consistent messaging to drive long-term success.

    Traditionally, when times are tough, sales blames marketing and vice versa. For everything to work harmoniously, there needs to be an ongoing marketing effort combined with personalized outreach from the sales team. The personalized messaging given by sales should match that of the marketing effort to ensure clarity and brand recognition.

    If your sales team spends more time trying to devise the perfect video or unearth the perfect key phrase instead of engaging clients, it’s time to search for the perfect sales force.

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    Written by Woody Stoudemire
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